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Pearson, M. 'Emplacement: Arctic Being'

About Place

Plymouth Univeristy

30th June 2023.

Pearson, M. 'Mapping by Walking'

Talking Place: A Symposium

The International Anthony Burgess Foundation, Manchester.

9th September 2022.

Pearson, M. 'Walking, Writing, and Photographing Borders' Session title: Lyrical Geographies: Experimental Forms, Styles, and Languages of Geographical Writing (2)

RGS-IBG Annual International Conference 2022, Newcastle University. 30th August-2nd September 2022.

Pearson, M. 'Hiraeth: lumen prints and landscapes of memory'

Symposium for Artistic Research in Analog Photography

Helsinki, Finland and online via Zoom, 4th to 6th March 2022

My presentation is from:1:02:00 to 1:30:00

Pearson, M. 'Searching for Hiraeth'

Arts Research Network (Online Event)

Plymouth University, 15th February 2022

Pearson, M. 'Beach Walk'


Plymouth University, Online Symposium. 30th June 2021

Pearson, M. 'Life in Lines'

Arts Research Seminar (Online Event)

Plymouth University. 13th January 2021

Pearson, M. 'The Irish Border (The British Border in Ireland)'

Post-Traumatic Landscapes an Online Symposium,

University of Sheffield. 15th July 2020.

Pearson, M. 'The Irish Border'

LandWater Research Group (Online event)

University of Plymouth. 10th June 2020.



Pearson, M. The Border In Ireland. The Open Review, Volume 6, 2020. Pages 70-72.

Conferences & Symposia Organisation


About Place

Plymouth University, 30th June 2023

(Co-Organiser with Dr Kayla Parker, Book Designer, Host)


Plymouth University, Online Symposium. 30th June 2021

(Organiser, Book Designer, Host)


Houyaux, J. 'Interview with Mary Pearson: Photographing Fagradalsfjall'

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