Ultima Thule (Ongoing)

In February 2017 I undertook a research visit to Greenland following in the footsteps of the Greek explorer Pytheas, who wrote about finding the now mythical land of Thule. Pythea is the first to have written of Thule, doing so in his now lost work, On the Ocean, after his travels between 330-320 BC.

Virgil coined the term Ultima Thule meaning furthest land as a symbolic reference to denote a far-off land or an unattainable goal.

Locating the now mythical land of Thule is about looking for something within myself. I did not sail for 6 days from Britain as Pythea did, I flew to Greenland and started my exploration from within the country. What I found was a land covered in ice, frozen and seemingly barren, save for the warmth of the Greenlandic people I met on my travels.

Greenland is a place of infinite imagination and hope. My research questions are now based around this place and the people that make this place: Ultima Thule.


This body of work is ongoing.
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