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Biosigna portfolio Biosigna
This body of work known as Biosigna seeks to explore the nature of landscape and place. The term means Life Signals, and allows the natural environment a collaborative role in the image making process.
Fragments of the original are still visible; however, the obliteration of what was - is now blended into a new vision.
The engagement with an experimental photographic practice incorporates the ritual burying and exhuming of negatives in a number of different locations in the Teign Valley, South Devon, over a period of several weeks. It has produced a series of unique images, created in collaboration with the artist, natural environment and time. The negatives now mediate a new message, and reflect the changing state of flux within the natural world.
The work looks at the landscape at close quarters, and the new ocular is exciting, unpredictable and engaging. An attachment of these images to a specific place allows for a new visual language of place to be heard. This organic creativity allows the very process of destruction to be a creative force, allowing your eyes to witness a new vision; your imagination can contemplate a revelation where the spirit of place has left its indelible mark. With text blocks interposed throughout this series of images, the intellect is likewise challenged.
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She is Whispering. They are Whispering. portfolio This body of work is rooted in the concept of landscape and memory.

Jitka Hanzlová suggests in her ‘Forest’ series that, ‘The path I am taking leads me back, so I can see the future’.

These images are taken in a small area of woodland in the village were my father grew up; it was a perfect childhood playground for his friends, where they were safe and free.

The interconnectedness of place transcends time and memory, so new memories are fashioned from the old.

Reliving these creates memories through imagination; I search for a link between past and present, reconciling ‘what-was’ to ‘what-is’.


A text has been written by Andrea Gallagher to accompany this body of work.
The text can be viewed here: She Is Whispering


This work has being curated into a book and an exhibition.
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One Welsh Mile (Work in Progress) portfolio This is a body of work which is being made in collaboration with my 100 year old grandmother. Together we are revisiting her memories of her childhood growing up in rural North Wales.
We are returning to her home village of Bryneglwys, Denbighshire in May/June 2017 to revisit these memories as well as allowing her to continue her narrative.
Together we will be making new photographs using her box brownie.


You can view the progress of this work at One Welsh Mile


This body work is in its early stages.
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Toxic Garden portfolio We live in a world of chemicals.

These images have been created by using household cleaning products on photographs of gardens. The interplay between the images and chemicals are an act of transformation.

The original brilliance of the merging colours has gone. The images presented are ‘after-images’ in the final phase of existence.

Little trace of what-was is left: the fading colours and extensive blank areas are a metaphor for the perils of a heavy reliance on chemicals.
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Handmade Books portfolio
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Memento portfolio 'You can't go back in time, but you can return to the scenes of love ... and of happiness. They become the tangible landscape of memory, the places that made you and in some way you too become them.'
Rebecca Solnit, A Field Guide to Getting Lost.

Stones and pebbles are an integral part of our landscape and we hardly notice their presence and often do not consider their capacity to stir an emotional response.

On travels I am drawn to take a pebble home - it is a conscious act of remembrance and signifying a need to capture treasured memories.

Keeping the memento safe and available elevates it from an insignificant item to a precious state.

In its new home - often a great distance from its original landscape - it acts as a signifier for memory ad recall.
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Greenland portfolio Virgil coined the term Ultima Thule meaning furthest land as a symbolic reference to denote a far-off land or an unattainable goal.

Greenland is an isolated and insular place, where climate and location have separated them from the modern world.

This looks set to change, as modern ways infiltrate this iconic land and people.
Evidence of modernity against traditional culture is becoming ever apparent.